EP029 – The Story of the Bible

EP029 – The Story of the Bible

Before I began this article, I opened my Bible to the last page of Scripture and found that it ends on page 1,196. That’s a big book! And yet while the Bible is made up of many books (66), it comprises one unified story:

This is a story about a relationship that was broken between God and humanity, then relentlessly and recklessly pursued to be restored by God.

So, could this story be told in under 15 minutes? The LS Collective Podcast attempted this task with their most recent podcast episode, The Story of the Bible. Obviously not everything could be covered, but you will get a sense of the overarching story that flows through the texts.

Does it matter that we know the larger narrative? It certainly helps! I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us are used to only reading certain parts or chapters at a time and therefore we miss out on the big picture of what God is doing through the text. You will notice that the first three quarters of this episode is explaining the Old Testament (OT). That’s because three quarters of our Bible is the OT! My guess is that most of us Bible readers are less comfortable with the OT than we are with the New Testament (NT). And yet, we would be hard-pressed to find a NT verse that is not in some way influenced by the OT.

So, it’s our hope that this episode will not only help you understand the Bible and it’s overarching narrative, but also your walk with Jesus as you begin or continue to get to know Jesus. Feel free to use┬áThe Story of the Bible Chart for your own purposes. Thanks for listening and please share if you felt this episode was helpful!

The Story of the Bible Chart

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