EP030 – [Side A] Does God Accept Everyone?

EP030 – [Side A] Does God Accept Everyone?

This episode reflects on a collective event called “Merge” that was held on Wednesday, December 12th. The Fellowship of Christian Students club at L-S High School hosted The LS Collective Podcast for this event to address their theme: Tribe. We decided to answer the question:

Does God accept everyone no matter what?

This question arose when we surveyed close to 100 students with broad questions about our faith. We quickly realized that a prominent idea throughout their answers was that God accepts everyone no matter what. While that sounds good, and maybe even theologically correct, the descriptions on the surveys were more universalistic in nature [this is the idea that everyone will eventually be accepted by God]. We felt that this universalist mindset is possibly a root cause of spiritual apathy among students in the faith. The logic is this: “Why would we need to tell others about Jesus if they’re going to be okay anyway?” Is this true? Absolutely not! This question misses a core biblical teaching which says that every single person (who is not Jesus) is not good enough on their own to be okay with God. Therefore, all followers of Jesus are to share their faith. We’re commanded to do so.

And, we’re not alone.

Christians from different denominations and backgrounds can work together for the Cause of Christ. That is the foundational idea that’s behind The LS Collective Podcast. We believe that, as Christians, we need to take unity in the Big “C” Church seriously. During Merge, we had ten local churches from eight different denominations represented! Dr. Jim Ayers of Lancaster Bible College put it well on our Instagram when he said, “Love to see this partnership!” And that’s exactly it. We are partners together in Christ. Local churches need to be reminded that we are not in competition with one another. Nowhere in Scripture does it say that we will each get our own fenced off corner of heaven according to our denominations – actually, that’s really bad theology on multiple levels! So, the Merge event, and the follow up podcast episode was to encourage students to think outside of their own church-box and to realize that they are part of a larger Tribe that wholeheartedly seeks to follow Jesus and spread His message.

We’re hoping to be hosted for another Merge event before the school year is over! If you are in our local Lancaster PA area and your school would like to host us for a Merge event, please contact us via email: lscollectivepodcast@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for supporting our collective effort! We hope that you have a merry Christmas and we will see you in 2019!

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