EP033 Desert Island Movies and Red Thread

EP033 Desert Island Movies and Red Thread

This episode is just for fun! We split it into two parts:

Part 1 answers the question of what movies would we bring to a desert island if we could only pick 5. There are more rules to consider, of course, which Chris lays out for us. This proved to be a tough exercise as some of us took it more seriously than others 😉

Part 2 comes from an off-mic conversation where we were talking about Scott’s old band, Red Thread, from his early college days. Eric expressed interest in hearing some their music, so we thought it would be fun to include some songs on an episode like this for everyone to hear.

Scott: “I’m not exactly sure how old these songs are, but it’s somewhere in the ballpark of 15 years. The four songs included were written by my dad, Scott MacFeat Sr, with some of my help on the lyrics. The picture below was taken in 2006, which I believe was toward the end of the Red Thread days.”

Red Thread – 2006
From Left: Scott MacFeat Sr (lead vocals and guitar); Billy Sholly (guitar); Mike Ross (keyboard, background vocals); Scott MacFeat Jr (drums); Eric Muench (bass guitar)

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